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Kelly McCabe, Voice Actor

Meet Kelly

A native Michigander, Kelly has worked as a voice actor in New York for the past 14 years.  Her sound ranges from "the girl next door" to "sultry vixen".  Kelly's voice has been described as warm, millennial, conversational, trustworthy, knowledgeable, bright, empathetic, professional, and reassuring.  She can also do a mean Siri sound-alike and is often called in for a "Rashida Jones type" voice.


Kelly has recorded hundreds of projects for companies large and small.  Past clients include Otezla, Kohl's, Olay, The New York Times, Sullivan University, Tria, Denny's, Ricoh, United Way of Dallas, and H&M.  Kelly is also a trained singer and experienced in everything from show tunes, to power ballads, to children's songs.

While always available to come to a New York studio for a session, Kelly is also able to record directed sessions from her home studio.  

Whatever your project, be it TV commercial, corporate explainer, IVR, narration, or e-learning module, Kelly will bring your words to life and color to your copy.

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